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Juanita Brattly,
Founding Junkie

I’m Juanita, the founding ‘Junkie’ - thanks for stopping by! I’m feisty, energetic and sometimes a little all over the place…but it’s how I work best. I’ve got a fantastic husband and we have two equally fantastic girls - those three are literally my whole world (oh, and sports…can’t forget sports).  Throw in a couple of cats and a dog and there you have the members of The Bratpack. 

I’ve been active in fitness and sports for the majority of my life and I have no plans to change that. I teach a variety of formats and styles, and I am definitely not short on extra energy to burn. Keeping it personal is what I love, so if you are joining a fitness class, you’ll get updates on anything and everything as I talk you through the workout.  Life is SHORT, so I try not to take myself too seriously.  Expect to laugh. A LOT.  Oh, and you’ll sweat too.  


Layton Byam,
HIGH Fitness / HIGH Low

What happens when you mix the atmosphere of a dance club with old-school aerobics!? Pure magic and energy off the charts! This is all brought together with Layton’s crazy and driven attitude towards fitness. Layton is a young University student who loves fitness and is passionate about the process of learning to love yourself for who you are and where you are! He is a big believer that what you bring on any given day is more than enough.  Everyone needs to experience his class - he truly loves to motivate participants to be their best selves! In a class with him, you will party, laugh, and embrace the crazy!

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