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Our Spring Session runs from Apr 2 - Jun 15/24

NOTE: No classes on the following dates:

May 18 - 24th (long weekend/school holiday)               

There may be a few other dates that are cancelled/classes adjusted throughout the session due to holidays etc. Please check the schedule in the app


Book directly on the website or through the Wix app. 

**class times are MST (Edmonton local time)**

Spring Class Schedule Apr 2-Jun 1524.png

Class descriptions

BARRE: (on-demand)

In 45 minutes, you’ll experience a full body workout targeting arms, abs, thighs, and glutes. This class emphasizes technique while working the muscles to fatigue developing muscle stamina and endurance.


BAR(RE) BOX: (in-person)

A mix of cardio and strength training choreographed to great tunes - this 45 minute class will fly by! We incorporate boxing drills and barre type tracks for an all over workout - all you need is a set of light (2 lbs-ish) dumbbells and a mat for some floor work. You’ve gotta try this!!

BACK LOT BOOTCAMP: (in-person)

Held in the Riverbend United Church parking lot, 14907 - 45th Avenue, Edmonton

Taking the fun outside!  You'll get a great outdoor workout in the comfort of your own parking spot :)  Some cardio, strength and core work in the fresh air leave you feeling energized (make sure to bring your own mat).

CIRCUITS: (in-person)

Work your entire body with a variety of exercises in a circuit training style class.  You will utilize different equipment and your own bodyweight as you move through each circuit for a fantastic workout.

HIGH LOW: (in-person)

Held in the Ridge Community Hall located beside Haddow Park, 2099 Haddow Drive NW, Edmonton

Think ‘old-school’ aerobics made modern!  Workout to the latest hit songs with easy to follow choreography and an instructor that will energize you.  All the energy as High Fitness in a low impact format.  No burpees here...but still the same intensity and fun! (60 mins)


HIIT/STRETCH: (on-demand)

Spend the first 40 minutes performing cardio and strength intervals, then spend the next 20 minutes stretching your muscles and relaxing (60 mins)

KICKBOXING: (in-person, held at the Riverbend United Church)

An awesome class to improve reflexes, agility, endurance, coordination and focus. Boxing moves are coupled with cardio and strength rounds to give you an incredible workout and it's a fantastic stress reliever!  All fitness levels.

LOWER BODY BLAST: (on-demand)

30 minutes is all it takes to build some muscle in your lower half in this Strength based workout


SPIN: (on-demand)

45 minutes of riding to the best tunes!  Scott’s playlists are eclectic and fun to motivate you through this cardio workout.


STRENGTH: (in-person and on-demand)

Build and strengthen your muscles in this class using dumbbells and your own body weight (45 mins)


SUPERSETS: (in-person)

Held in the Ridge Community Hall located beside Haddow Park, 2099 Haddow Drive NW, Edmonton

Perform back to back exercises with little to no rest in between to get the most out of this strength training class. (30 mins)

TABATA BOOTCAMP / FULL BODY MASH UP: (in-person and on-demand - Tabata Bootcamp held at the Riverbend United Church)

45 minutes of interval training to work your body from top to bottom.  We like to mix it up around here so don’t expect the same thing twice.  Strength and cardio.


TABATA TREK: (on-demand)

45 minutes of Tabata round (20/10) moving every 4 minutes from the Spin bike for cardio to the floor for Strength.  No spin bike? No problem!  Get creative and use your treadmill, elliptical or just your body for the cardio rounds.


UPPER BODY BLAST: (on-demand)

30 minutes of Strength exercises that focus solely on your upper body.  You'll definitely feel the burn.

WOD: (in person)

Anything goes in this class - it will be a surprise but you can expect a mix of strength and cardio each time. Keeping it fresh!

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