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Welcome All Wellness Junkies!

Who We Are

What is “The Wellness Junkies”, you ask?  Okay, here’s a short story for you.  Once upon a time, there was a year called 2020.  It was a crazy, messed up year which saw the fitness studio I co-owned (Fit On 45th) close it’s doors.  But, the people still wanted fitness classes. They wanted new recipe ideas.  They wanted to continue to take care of themselves.  And most of all, they wanted to keep feeling connected. So, The Wellness Junkies was born to give the people what they want. Our intention is to create a space where you can connect with like-minded peeps who want to take care of their physical, mental, nutritional and social wellness…or any combination of those.  So whether you are looking for some awesome fitness classes, or a fun wine/book club, you can find it here.



Connection to each other is so important to our overall wellness.  We will get together to feed that craving we have for social interaction.  Book club, wine night, game nights…let’s have some fun!

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